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January 2006

Ann Young - a heroine who now needs our help.

(left: Ann with her much-loved alpacas)

During the FMD horrors in Cumbria, Ann successfully protected her stock. Widespread media publicity helped, as did the network of people who stood by her. She got information and advice often via the web, but it was her constant vigilance, and above all, her no-nonsense determination to save her animals, come what may, that got her through. ( The inspiring story - well worth reading - can be seen on

Now, Ann has lost some of her rented land and this, together with other difficulties, has made it necessary for her to look for good kind homes for some of her Merino sheep.

As she says, this is on a sort of "foster home" basis and money is not important. What is of vital importance however is that the sheep are cared for properly (their feet need checking every 4-6 weeks, for example) until the end of their natural lives.

If you can help - or know of a smallholder who might be able to help - please contact Ann (01768 870191) or get in touch with this website.