Supermarkets are the problem but they are only doing what any good businessman would do

under the circumstances. They are making maximum profits under the circumstances in which they have managed to place themselves. Not only have they managed to successfully lobby parliament but they have become part of Parliament and the decision making process. Now that is pretty smart and really beats cash for questions or votes for cash.

Wal-Mart are feared throughout the USA now to the extent locals will go to the ends of the earth to stop them coming to their town because these big supermarkets sell EVERYTHING that the high street sells and kills off the high street and the town - profits go to some foreign bank instead of the town!

At the end of the day we all work within the parameters given to us by the Government, EU or whatever and the supermarkets have had very favourable treatment in terms of planning etc. What they do is "efficient" but they have now become greedy money lenders.

The Government giveth and the Government can taketh away - if it had the balls.