Report by Nick Green, Cumbria. 13th April 2002. Well now Mr (Lord) Whitty, do you remember me?

Do you remember the Rheged Centre, nr. Penrith, Cumbria? Do you remember the nauseous tripe you vomited forth? You were able to contribute little to the Radio Cumbria enquiry that evening because you are incompetent! You were completely overshadowed by Mr John Walker of The Cumbria Crisis Alliance who spoke superbly and accurately!

Now then, do you remember when in front of an articulate and angry audience, you could only emit the inane and totally inaccurate remark, like that of a drowning man, "MAFF/DEFRA had done a jolly good job." Well do you?

Do you remember, having made that remark, which the audience almost choked on, you struggled and made a further infantile and last gasp attempt to gain some credibility? Do you remember that I shouted in disgust, "That's rubbish Whitty!? Do you remember what stunning articulate response you made? "That' s a very intelligent remark." You said!

This deserves some further scrutiny (Lord) Twitty as you are well known here in Cumbria! The "job" that MAFF/DEFRA "did" in Cumbria was probably the most incompetent, belligerent, bullying and coercive act ever released on an English speaking population in their own country! MAFF/DEFRA imposed "Marshall Law" on the people of this area, overseen by one of the most corrupt governments ever to grace The Houses of Parliament! It was an absolute disgrace!

The lying continues as government officials and civil servants scurry for cover in a last ditch attempt to "save face"! An example of the desperate tactics you are engaging in as you told "increasingly sceptical Euro-MPs that the contiguous cull was "absolutely legal and approved by the EU." It appears not!

Was that the "Voluntary" or the "Compulsory" cull Mr Twitty? Was this the infamous cull that Mr Morley told the Commons you had no legal powers to conduct so therefore it was "Voluntary"!! Oh dear, dear! You are getting yourself in just a little bit of trouble here aren't you? Now who is intelligent? You see, "EU Law has primacy and permits monitoring and inspection of contiguous areas up ton 3 kilometres. It does not authorise mass slaughter!" Sorry Grunty, what was that? Oh yes, Grunty the Pig says get lost, his Judge ruled that the government had no authority to carry out "blanket slaughter! OOPS!

Mr Whitty, please speak up! Did you ever get near the 24/48 hour cull? Come on speak up! What was that? NO, you didn't, did you? Nowhere near in fact! "At times it took seven days." Yes that's right, many times!

I had reported this fact since last March! You failed for almost 7 months to reach these times because you were invoking a myopic incompetent policy that employed vital resources in the insane and illegal killing of healthy animals!

You questioned my intelligence Mr Whitty! You may already be regretting that statement!

Now Master Whitty! Write, 500 times, "I am a complete twerp and I must never spout such drivel again!" Mr Whitty, do the honourable thing. Resign! Until then I will be watching you, very closely!