It was with amazement that I realised that I was being arrested last week ....

I amongst many others have been investigating, on our own behalf, the activities of several people involved in fraud and more importantly, the situation concerning Over Thirty Month (OTM) cattle and condemned meat entering the human food chain. Our investigations, carried out with the knowledge of our respective legal teams have led us to contacting the media/press and the relevant government bodies. Within the last few weeks the media has covered this story. (See report)

It was with amazement that I realised I was being arrested last week, although no charges have been brought. This appears to be a 'dirty tricks campaign' by the person or persons whom we exposed during the course of the investigation. These people wish to divert attention from themselves and seek to discredit myself and others. Since at least half a dozen other people have 'blown the whistle' it will be interesting to see what happens next.

A word of warning to you all. Watch your back.