Correspondence ...of mice and men..... between Mary C and Richard C

Dear Richard

Thank you for taking the trouble to worry about me and my mouse! The wretched (cursed) curser seemed to be sliding and slithering about just to annoy - a bit as if I were Tom and it was Jerry. I will take your advice and go and buy A PROPER MOUSE!

Hope things are well with you. Foot and mouth just will not leave me alone. So many cans of worms are visible that I can't just walk away.
Mad. What's your view? Are we EVER going to see a recognition of the downright evil that went on and continues to go on with casual arrogance, I wonder? And if not - is it still worth being one of the idiots who bangs a drum and says "Hey! hang on.....!"
I sort of feel that SOMEONE has got to do it. I wish it wasn't me....but however, I go banging on it seems. Do you think I should stop?

Thanks again for your kind advice, Richard


Hi Mary

I can sympathise with laptop problems, mine having travelled about 300,000 miles by plane is dying. Screen, Hard disk and Floppy disk all unreliable. To say nothing of Compuserve. Have bought new one and am wasting a day setting it all up etc.

I too am frustrated. I spent much of my schooldays campaigning against hunting. To me harecoursing was the worst. Only to see every bill filibustered out. But FMD probably opened my eyes to what is really evil with elements in this country the power of propaganda and the parallels with Nazi Germany are striking. Now I have to say that I have mixed feelings if foxhunting is banned - those who revel in chasing and killing animals have themselves to live with and far more effective should be the power of social opinion - few people will openly wear a real fur coat nowadays. That's how it should be - not banning and legislating and controlling from a free-market government - its instintcs will always be corruptible and corrupted.

Anyway thank God for the internet - while frustrating, it seems there are many more out there who are aware if not of the detail, that something is awfully wrong. Keep at it. While I would happily see Blair, Beckett, Whitty, Brown, Morley et al face criminal charges that is not how things are done in the UK. One day, probably after this government is out of power, there will be a TV exposé which will reveal most of the truth. Some scapegoats at DEFRA will be crucified and the specific blame will be deflected. But hopefully the maniac policy to which UK govt are clinging to will be changed....

best regards