Letter April 16 in Western Morning news "Views" page

I wrote recently to support your campaign for a public inquiry into the atrocious Government handling of the foot-and-mouth outbreak. I also made a donation to the fighting fund run in Honiton.

I was disappointed at the outcome of the judicial review and feel let-down by "the system".

There is a limit to one's energy even when the cause seems so valid yet I must write once more to table some simple questions that have troubled me throughout.

Why were exports of British lamb, beef and pork banned by Europe a full working week before British markets were closed and all movements of these animals halted? What did European vets and advisors know that ours didn't?

What vested interests were served by keeping UK markets and movements open as usual? Even when The Master of Foxhounds Association declared a ban on all hunting, our markets remained open for a further 36 hours.

We are told that potential local suppliers of combustible materials (for pyres) were contacted regularly by Ministry officials as a matter of course. Give us the dates. Regularly could be once every 20 years. Did they know it was already here and did they allow it to spread?

It seems perverse to suggest it but it's the only explanation that sits with the facts as I understand them. And of course if it is the case, the public inquiry was always doomed.

Phil Burnett Penryn Cornwall