I have always been so proud of my Country and what it stood for; sadly I can no longer say that.

We also have no faith in the way the UK is being governed and administered and yes,,you are so right, it is abyssmal...and worse.

You say you want us to stand up for ourselves. WE ARE. We are standing up, we are shouting, we are making a fuss, we (although not me personally) are spending thousands and thousands of pounds trying to get justice and things changed ...............WE ARE TRYING.

No one is listening though!

You say 'tell the likes of DEFRA to be truthful or shut up.' Isn't that what we have been doing? We can shout and scream and make as much noise as possible, but if we aren;t being listened too, because our Government has all the main bodies so well wrapped up in its spin.WHAT DO WE DO? People all over the Country are fighting what has happened to them. On top of what we have already been through - we are being hit with more and more red tape, new legislation etc etc.

This week has probably been one of the hardest I have gone through - for various reasons and for the safety and protection of my animals I can not go into too much detail here. But I have been so close to chucking everything in and joining the masses who seem to be able to go through life oblivious to what has happened and what is happening.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I have had enough. I am so sick of being pushed around, dictated to by a load of bumptious Government officials who dont have a clue what they are doing. I am not going to be pushed around by them anymore. Yes, it's fighting talk and it's what you seem to want us to be doing - but I know one thing, having come to this decision yesterday, the only one thing I can be sure about is that for me standing up to what is happening - the only ones to really suffer and pay the price for it will be my animals.

Everything I have done so far has been for the safe guarding of my animals...but I, for one, can not go on like this.

I either chuck the towel in or fight now.Yes, I'll fight and I'll fight tooth and nail for my animals but I have to wonder whether it will achieve anything.

Yes, I care. I care like crazy...but it isn't enough

Too right the truth hurts. But it sure as hell doesn't hurt as much as what has been forced upon us by this Government.

Thank you for caring about us