Dear Mrs Critchley

I am pleased to report that I received right at the last minute enough financial backing to enable me with confidence to issue the application to the Court for permission to appeal.

I now need to put in place financial backing in the region of £50,000 to deal with the costs of the appeal itself and also any potential adverse costs that might be found against Robert Persey who is the sole claimant in the event that the matter was unsuccessful.

I think that the prospects of success are approximately 50/50.

I am very grateful to you for the assistance you have given me to date and if there is anything further you can do to publicise the need for financial support I will be obliged if you will do so.

You may like to tell all those parties who have contacted me and given money on the basis of the terms set out in your Web Site that I am utilising the money on those terms and it will not therefore need to be given to RABI or to Charity.

Yours sincerely

T J Russ