Nick Green went to Gretna. He writes....

I lost a day's pay today! Trying to arrange a stand in instructor to allow me to attend the EU Inquiry was very difficult to say the least. I wish I hadn't bothered.

We (The small Cumbrian lot) were made to feel like a bunch of gate crashers at a party! This of course was the D&G party folks; or more correctly the Scottish National Farmers Union colluding with other left wing parties.

There were only around 20 or less people (the rest were MEP's, interpreters and press who made up the other 50 or so and completely outnumbered the public) at this "Public Meeting" which turned out to be anything but..

I managed to persuade the committee that I had something to say! I was actually given a slot, a very brief one! We sat waiting patiently as "The Experts" were invited to justify why they had culled out 1400 contiguous/3km/DC/SOS farms for a recorded 178 I/P's in D&G! That's 7.9 farms for every I/P! They spoke confidently in a nauseating self congratulatory attitude! It was like watching a Left Wing party political broadcast! The SNFU emitted more nonsense! When will these bufoons learn! Such tripe as there was no effective vaccine, no one would buy vaccinated meat, it doesn't work in sheep and weren't the NFU marvellous routine just bores me now! There were other experts, mostly from the left who uttered more garbage and one particular man who said there were no bully tactice in D&G!!! Hello, wake up! At that point a farmer from the local area jumped from his feet to soundly blow that lamentable theory out of the window! He was certainly bullied as were other speakers!

During my speech I was constantly told I could not talk about National issues, I could not call Morley a liar and I only had 2 minutes to talk! I ignored all three assertions and spoke until I was ready to stop. The SNFU representative was able to talk twice and was allowed about 10 minutes or more.

I do know that the Conservative MEP's and the other coalition members had to work very hard to get this EU Inquiry off the ground. To that I am grateful. However I cannot help thinking as I watched this group of very odd individuals leave the meeting room and head off to chat to an NFU farmer that they may never get to the truth! Indeed there will be many of them who clearly do not want to!

A special thank you to Caroline Lucas and Neil Parish for all their efforts in fighting this brave rear guard action. I would imagine that they must be wandering why they bothered!

A very disillusioned,