I was an owner of a pet Ryeland sheep who was registered with Serad. We live 2 miles from Lockerbie. We had no letter about the 3km cull. My kids had 10 minutes notice that their pet was about to be killed.

I returned home from work to see a vet in a navy coat looking through the hedge into our garden. My stomach flipped. They had seen Woollie.

During the 3 harried phone calls that various vets made to my house, I tried in vain to explain that we had no contact with any livestock and that the field was surrounded by track, road and garden. I was refused blood tests and was told that I "was holding up the cull"

I told them that 15 cases had been confirmed that day and why didn't they deal with the diseased animals before they came for healthy ones.

I passed the phone over to my 10 year old and asked the caller if they would care to explain to my 10 year old who was eagerly trying to make sense of my dialogue.

My son tearfully told them that they had been off school for weeks and that our sheep was healthy. The vet then told me that he was with a farmer who had suffered a lot more than we had and did I want to speak to him. I politely refused and said that this may be the case but our animal was a pet and was never intended for slaughter. He asked if he could put an NFU official on to speak.
" Is that the NFU that says that the only safe animal is a dead one? No I don't want to speak to him.
During these frantic telephone calls ( they phoned me 3 in 10 minutes) it became clear that these bullies were not listening.

I understood how Anne Frank must have felt under the Gestapo.

The next call less than a minute - refused blood test again. 10 people in white suits were just over the hedge from Woollie we were in the house some 90 metres away. I clearly realised their mood. I did not want the captive bolt used on our pet. I said that they were not going to kill him.. that our own vet would come. They told me that this was not allowed, nor was keeping the body.

I put down the phone for the 4th time and phoned our vet who arrived within 10 minutes. He met the kids who knew him through visits with our puppy. We went up to have a look at him. I waved to the white suits to move off to give some respect and decency to this dreadful moment. Eventually one of them got the message and they moved out of sight. They said bye to him and my husband assisted as our sheep was given a sedative and lethal injection. I took my three children into the house.

When Phil Jones the Chief Executive of Dumfries and Galloway Council stood up to object to Nick Green's correct assertions of bullying tactics of D and G I could no longer remain silent.

Mossburn's court case had reached the end of the line or so we thought and the animals were to be killed at 10am. The police cars- approx 20 -left Dumfries at 5.30 am to kill animals early.

A Volvo was parked diagonally across the road. Numerous people were stopped from using their normal route to work.

A homecarer was sent on a 30 minute round trip using minor roads which the council had spent a fortune putting signs on to say stay off.

All this in case they felt the urge to turn off this road to reach Mossburn.

We held silent vigils outside the bunker.

Vigilan security told people that they were not to enter the council car park. The next week there was a barrier and it was closed to cars.

The security man told us that we were not allowed in. When pressed he came up with the reason for safety. I told him that I had heard enough of this nonsense and wanted names.

He asked me not to be difficult and threatened me with the police.

I invited him to do that because I was unaware of any law that stopped me entering a car park. He went off . The police came and watched from a distance.

My mum had been looking for the vigil. The security officer said that he could not tell her where the bunker was for "security reasons"

She is 73, has arthritis and walks in a slow manner. She walked along and saw us. Afterwards I spoke to the man and asked him what he was playing at? I told him that he was being paid from public money and no right to treat my mum in such a way. I also voiced my despair of what the country was coming to.

Two farmers got Armed Response Squads to their road end; Mr Jackson Guillyhill Farm Dumfries( lost judicial review in Edinborough to save dairy from contiguous cull) Messers Sloan from Woodend .Beattock. Both these featured in local paper. I can't think how the Chief Executive missed them when he managed to find out about the worst advertised public meeting that I have ever been to. Still I suppose it all depends on what your perspective is. Career or truth!