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No AHB - Sense at last

When the Lords defeated the AHB, Animal welfare (Ha !) minister Elliot Morley said: "It's a thoughtless act."

Thats rich coming from the mouth that knows no wrong and thought wholesale slaughter was the salvation of this nation in dealing with FMD. Its a pity Morley did not whisper to that Lord Whitty bloke that he thought the AHB was ONLY to do with FMD, for his mouthy mate Lord Whitty has landed him right in the mire by proclaiming, "The House of Lords has failed to recognise that we need these powers over the coming months if foot-and-mouth or any other disease arises in the UK." Or ANY other disease, mark these words well, for they are not the ones Morley was spouting when he said the AHB was ONLY to do with FMD !

It just shows you the lies these merchants peddle, and the lack (still) of communication.

Their ignorance has spread like a plague; how about this howler from the former Agriculture Minister; he reckons the Government was forced to rethink plans to vaccinate in Cumbria, the county worst hit by the crisis, because slaughtermen had mistaken blisters (caused by their guns) for symptoms of "the human form of foot and mouth".

Listen Nick (or is it "simple Simon") take the words "foot" and then that other one "mouth" and when you see cloven hoofed animals with abnormalities on their "foot" or in their "mouth" then you add them together to give you some reason to think of "foot and mouth disease". Where do blisters on the hands come in ? When has there EVER been any human who has contracted FMD and the first sign was bloody great blisters on their hands Nick ?

This is from a government who has taken "the best scientific advice available" ! Who from, Mickey Mouse ?

Captain Bryn Wayt