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Follows a suggested statement by the British delegation to the Council of Ministers for a mock debate in the College of Europe, Warsaw, at the request of a Dutch student who has been drafted into the British delegation.

The idea of nationhood was born in the Great French Revolution. We are the true Europeans.

The idea of the nation, based on a common allegiance, not on race, is Europe's special contribution and has been exported to the world.

I had a wonderful time at the European Convention for the Abrogation of the Maastricht Treaty. I went wearing my regimental blazer, I served in the British Liberation Army in Europe from 44 to 45. One of my best friends was Maurice Schoen, a fighter of the Franc Tireurs et Partisans whom we adopted as an interpreter and who came with us to the Elbe. I found myself being kissed by pretty French girls. I believe it is the duty of the British once again, to "save ourselves by our exertions and Europe by our example".