When will they realize that Judges are not always 'right' and we have a fairly disgraceful record of miscarriages of justice in various cases to prove it? When will they realize they did not 'win' the Winslade case, it was never infected and we know it? They only managed to persuade the judge to allow slaughter in preference to the humane alternative available, namely monitoring the animals. There are many similar cases, including Shepherd's in Scotland.

To 'crow' over their perceived success in these cases and many others, is shameful and they completely lose sight of the fact that they are responsible for the cruel death of millions of perfectly healthy animals, leading to suicides, severe trauma, permanent damage and financial bankruptcy for untold numbers their fellow citizens. It only serves to illustrate they have completely 'lost their marbles'. When will they realize that we know they never had the 'guts' to defend the cull policy in the Courts, withdrawing their action whenever there was a possibility that a test of this policy might come up?

When will they realize that maintaining FMD free status is not viable and the humane alternative to eradicate the disease worldwide does exist, namely Protective Vaccination without slaughter?

When will they realize that their 'manipulation' of the EU Inquiry team's visit to the UK has patently illustrated they have no wish for the truth to be told and have done everything possible to ensure the team didn't visit Yorkshire or hold a public meeting in the North of Cumbria, the area worst affected. We hope they will come back soon and do so without interference!

To argue against all the above only serves to make our Government look extremely foolish to those of informed opinion. If they really want to recover an ounce of credibility they should call an Open Public Inquiry, keeping their promise of 'Open Government'.

Most important of all, they should immediately introduce Protective vaccination without slaughter, drop FMD free status, and the Animal Health Bill amendments and dare I mention it? Pay their bills!

Perhaps then, people can start to rebuild their lives and business and live with considerably reduced fear not to mention recover some measure of loyalty and respect for our elected leaders and the law.