Letters to the Newcastle Journal about the sacking of Frederick Forsyth

The Journal,

The BBC decision to drop Frederick Forsyth's Saturday Essay just because, as stated in the Sunday Times, "some senior executives do not like his views", is a scandalous disgrace. His essays are both entertaining and informative and are a great favourite with many listeners. The sooner the licence fee is abolished the better, then the Beeb might be obliged to broadcast what it is popular with its listeners and viewers. It is NOT the remit of the BBC to broadcast Brussels propaganda and connive at the suppression of free speech.

Frederick Forsyth's essay on the underhand way our centuries old legal system, Habeas Corpus is being abolished and is being replaced by the inquisitorial Napoleonic code, Corpus Juris can be found at ~ http://www.bullen.demon.co.uk/ It is a chilling warning about what our duplicitous politicians are scheming behind our backs and is typical of what the panjandrums at the BBC don't want us to know about. Yours,
John S. Pearson

The Journal.


It's hardly surprising that the BBC have sacked Freddie Forsyth from his Saturday essay spot on the Today programme. No matter that vast numbers of listeners agree with what he has to say about Our Beloved Leader and the EU.

Senior executives at the Beeb do not like his views, so he must go.

The same sort of thing happened back in the seventies, when they were brainwashing us to stay in the "Common Market". They even sacked Jack Dimanio, the popular presenter of Today, because he wasn't toeing the official pro-EC line.

Now, as then, it seems that our "balanced and impartial" BBC will do all it can to keep those in favour of British independence off the airwaves. No wonder so many of us are abandoning Auntie, and looking elsewhere for information and analysis of important issues.

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Swanson