Alan Beat can confirm. His smallholding is only a few miles from Holsworthy.

But, yes I can confirm that what she saw was the site of the " Big Burn ". Did she note how far from the Town it is? Let alone the local Hospital. A mile ?

And, yes, there are not many animals at all around there. However, the A 388 seems better stocked than further East, what I call Mid, North Devon. Great Torrington was the place I think that, having just experienced their own massive cull in that area, they were then forced to take the supposedly "infected " sheep and lambs from Brecon for rendering.

I presume from Torrington, she took the B3227 to South Molton. Another road which still contains NOTHING. Which, incidentally is not far from Knowstone. Had she taken the A3072 from Holsworthy across to Tiverton, she would not have seen much along there either. She could, however, have stopped at Hatherleigh and nipped up a few miles to Meeth and had a look at the intended massive "burial pits " at Ash Moor. That whole area and further East to the M5 is still mostly DEVASTATED.

I think that I shall write to English Heritage and ask them to purchase these " Landmarks" to remind our younger generations just what an ignorant, corrupt, uncaring, arrogant etc.etc. Government can do to its own people. Just for the sake of an Election. And then tell these people that it was a "Success".