Report by Nick Green Cumbria, 24 April 2002.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that The Cumbria Foot & Mouth Disease Inquiry have advised me this afternoon that I have been invited to give verbal evidence at their Inquiry!

I am deligted to hear this news! Verbal evidence is to be given by invite only because of time limitations and the possibility of covering the same topic more than once. I was invited due to "My high prominence at Rural Task Force Meetings & elsewhere." Someone has noticed then!

The other excellent news is that after each session, an OPEN FORUM will be held whereby anyone will be able to add to the evidence or even contradict the evidence. This is excellent news!

For those interested, I will be submitting my evidence orally on Wed. May 8th. at 10.00hrs. I am the first witness to be called! The hearing will be at the Council Chambers, Kendal County Council.

You will have little idea of what this means to me. The last 13 months or so have been sheer hell for so many people. I have lived and breathed the FMD fiasco almost every minute of every day during this period. I have always done what I have felt is best for Cumbria, Cumbrians and Great Britain. I have tried very hard to obtain the truth. On occasions I have made mistakes; haven`t we all, but I can assure you all, that I will do my very best to present to Professor Thomas and his team ssome of the damning evidence I have corrolated during the very dark days of 2001 and in the most precise and accurate manner I can.

The truth of the FMD fiasco in Cumbria will be told and soon! This is Cumbria`s story, a true story. Not the one that Prime Minister Blair and DEFRA wish you to hear!