Far from Tony Blair having a 'crystal ball' in his armoury. It would appear that his statement to have crime under control by September was no more than 'feather preening - or, good old fashioned taking the credit for someone else's work. He would not do that would he? Shame on the man! On attending a COBRA meeting the day he made this statement he was given information from the mobile phone industry. They have been busy working away (bless them) and at great expense, to stop mobile phones being used once they have been stolen. Once the industry can achieve this - then the urge to steal a phone will become less prolific.That's the idea anyway. Mobile phone stealing is one of our main crimes and on the rise.

So - when will this revolutionary piece of technology become available? I can hear you all ask. Could it be September? Correct! It is hoped to be on the market by late Summer, helping to bring down the stolen mobile phone figures by September.

Definitely a ' that will do nicely' to the mobile phone industry, from Tony!