Heathfield Campaigners are listened to by contingent of EU Inquiry

On Friday April 26th a contingent of the European Inquiry: (Graham Watson, Nick Clegg, Jan Mulder who were also accompanied by Mr Richard Younger Ross MP for Teignbridge ) made a visit to the notorious Heathfield Viridor Landfill site in Devon. They had earlier been refused admission to the Ash Moor site - although we understand they were later allowed in. At Heathfield they listened to campaigners - who have had no response from the UK government about their grave concerns. 600 signatures from people who have been made seriously unwell because of the smells & fumes were collected within hours after it was confirmed at 1.30pm on Thursday that the meeting would take place.. The campaigners are urgently requesting
  1. that they should be relocated while the problems persist.
  2. The complete removal of carcasses from the Heathfield Viridor Landfill Site
  3. The removal of the leachate pipe from Heathfield Viridor Landfill Site

Mr & Mrs Irwin, Woodlands, irwin@rishtte.freeserve.co.uk wrote the following letter


Dear European Parliament Representatives

MEP's leader Graham Watson, Nick Clegg, Jan Mulder, also accompanied by Mr Richard Younger Ross MP

We are pleased that the Liberal Democrats European Delegates are coming to Heathfield Viridor Landfill Site on the 26-4-02 at 2.30pm

We look forward after securing the meeting ourselves with the European Delegates (at our above address) at 3.30pm with the MEP's led by Graham Watson, Nick Clegg, Jan Mulder from Holland, and also being accompanied by Teignbridge MP Richard Younger Ross.

As this has been verified at the very last minute, we have asked people to write to; The President European Parliament Mr. Pat Cox, Crawford Hall, Western Road, Cork Ireland.

...to clean up the Countryside because of the impending Elections and the imminent Holiday Season, The Governments MAFF DEFRA insufficient researches and total guessed-e-mates with, allowing millions of Foot and Mouth Contiguous and welfare culled carcasses their Mass Burials into previously tipped household waste at a number of Landfill Sites ....

The Heathfield Viridor Landfill Site has now, unfortunately had to become our campaign.

We never ever wanted to be so fervent with any campaign. But what can you do when we have had 7 dogs killed over just another 5 days gassing from this known experiment. We have been told the cause in this instance was Hydrogen Sulphide. This is known as a knock down gas and is as harmful as Hydrogen Cyanide - not thought important enough to be monitored?

This has all forced us to join forces with PALS People Against Landfill Sites, and also Friends of The Earth.

We now have no possible way of escaping these vomit inducing experimental emissions.

We are being constantly tormented by these gasses (that have not been contained in the designated area of the Viridor landfill site) causing us; severe long term sleep deprivation, our whole bodies shake so severely that we are unable to function, not able to string sentences together sometimes, or to drive our cars! Also electric shock type stings come in waves up over our bodies. Our noses and throats are constantly affected, our eyes made so desperately sore their only relief is to keep them fully closed! We have been told these symptoms are exactly like nerve gases used during the War!

Whilst the rest of Britain is celebrating because of the end to the Foot and Mouth Plague the largest village in England (also many other unfortunates around the UK) are still ongoing with their suffering at the hands of the Government (and also their officials MAFF / DEFRA from the little if any research from millions of carcasses their mass burials at Landfill Sites.)

They are continuing to spill out their unannounced vomit-inducing stenches, continuously blasting their vaporous fumes and dusts, and acid rain at our chimneys, doors, windows and airbricks, trying so hard yet again to gains entry into our homes.

We Humans are so obviously, the forgotten victims.

Where are the Government's strategic plans to help all of us, the forgotten Victims of the anthropogenic plague of the FMV?