The RSPCA cannot seem to recognise blatant 'welfare' issues.

So to what manner and degree are they equipped to ascertain 'mental' cruelty?

They already have the powers to bring prosecution for most of the 'freedom' points they insist will bring about a better life for animals. What they fail to see is that unless they go out there and actively seek the people who are using and abusing animals then nothing ever will change. It has always been said that the Society will only ever act once the animal is dead! Half starved, tied up all day is simply not enough for them to get hot under the collar about. This Society can afford to be choosy about what it does and does not become involved in. 'Selective Welfare'!

They had twelve million animals slaughtered last year, and not one of these poor animals was offered any 'freedom' from the needless pain and suffering. Bucket loads of mental cruelty all mixed in with the blood of countless healthy animals. For crying out loud they would not know mental cruelty or suffering if it was gift wrapped and presented to them on a plate.

How shameful that the RSPCA are getting stronger. The letter P now standing for Politically not Prevention. Perhaps they should pack their coffers and exit, Would we or the animals be any worse off? The money they raise might just go to other organisations who are prepared to get their hands dirty and put the animals welfare first and foremost. Ex Inspectors can join the long list of out of work redundant people who once took their living from animals. Better people have gone to the wall then them. One or two of them could apply for an Equity card and go into acting full time. I wonder if the job description of potential Inspectors calls for them to be photogenic, not camera shy - plus a liking and understanding of animals would be desirable but not necessary!

Listen RSPCA. I to want 'freedom' for my animals. The freedom for them to be left in peace. Freedom from the 'mental' torment of having to stay locked inside, for their own safety throughout foot and mouth, ever happening again.. Neither of which you as a Society either lifted a finger or raised a voice against the people who inflicted this on us and our animals.

Your words are shallow and empty. I dare say you will get your way in most of the points raised. I fear for the lonely horse, well looked after but standing alone in a field. Mental cruelty cases surely abound here for the Inspectors on their daily travels. To were, I wonder will it all end..... Except in more needless animal deaths.