Just heard today that the Ombudsman has agreed to investigate the handling of the cull of our sheep by SEERAD.

After so very many dashed hopes that someone independent would look at what they did, say it was very wrong and castigate them for it, I am almost - in fact I am - in tears.

Yes I do want a witch hunt. I do want the guilty exposed for what they are. I do most earnestly want them punished. I don't ever want this atrocity to be able to happen ever again.

I have been waiting for so long for someone to listen that it has quite taken me by surprise when it actually happened. I do not know what the outcome will be. This is a personal crusade. So very many lies have been told, so many ethical issues ducked, that I had almost given up hope that there would be any justice on this . I try not to put too much reliance on the result. Cynicism does tend to creep in. But this is supposed to be an independent inquiry into what went on in our particular instance and I sincerely hope that it is.
One can only take so many knock-backs without crumbling.

Pray for us all, that right will win through and this atrocity may never be allowed to happen again.

I will,as you know, keep you posted.

All out there who might be in despair that anything can be done, please take heart. If you do not try, you most certainly will not gain anything, so go on, you have absolutely nothing to lose.