I find all the articles on new proposed welfare for animals make me sick to my stomach.

I would say all power to the RSPCA if they already made a good job of what they did - the fact that they play politics with animals lives makes them beneath contempt.

I received a phone call this morning from a friend who was deeply upset. She, and several others reported someone for the way they were keeping their small dog. The dog was tied up all day long and very seldom had access to water or food. Shelter was a lean to coal bunker come rubbish shed!

Of the two Inspectors who went to see the owners - both replied that their hands were tied. The dog was being fed and watered. Although one Inspector did agree that it was not a 'desirable way to keep a dog. Over the months years my friend had been feeding the dog and trying her best to make the people hand him over. Their reply was to tell her they would report her to the Police for harrassesment.

My friend told me that the dog died over the weekend, still attached to the chain!

She said she did things correct - she contacted the RSPCA, the dog warden and the Police. Today she hates herself for being a coward 'her words' for not going over the fence and stealing the dog.

Perhaps the RSPCA could tell us all just what better welfare standards they want. Are they not interested in down right blatant cruelty.

I share my friend's sadness - and my heart goes out to the poor little dog who never had any love or happiness. Because no case was ever brought against the owners they are free to go out and get another dog, and subject that to the same barbaric cruelty.. I withhold my friends name and location for obvious reasons..... She will see no other dog suffer.