I read, with great interest, the further report written by the informed and courageous ex. TVI Helen O'Hare. I was particularly interested in the comments concerning the lack of bio-security. Here are some facts I witnessed on the ground, here in Cumbria during last years massacre of the innocent.
  1. MAFF slaughter men, vets and others, leaving "dirty" areas and without a proper "clean up", travelling back to their very comfortable Hotels and B+B s .to spend time with their mates, who, in many cases were "working" clean farms.
  2. TVI`s leaving dirty farms without proper "clean up". 4x4`s not cleaned properly. In one case I sent a TVI back to the dirty area to clean himself and his vehicle thoroughly. It took him 2 attempts before we would allow him to pass. He agreed, "The policy of FMD control was crap." "Even if I cleaned this shit up, they would still take everything out." They did.
  3. MAFF labourer left a dirty field with a tractor and trailer, spewing mud etc. all over the road. This tractor was never washed before exit. This was a very local incident, the loss of a large dairy/beef farm and virtually all other farms locally. Beef cattle, some quite young, were pressed heavily against a wall right next to a cottage, by a team of thugs with a low loader, who then shot them. There was a lot of panic in the pens and were obviously in great distress. I questioned this team who told me "To F**k off or they would "Do" me. One of them held a pickaxe handle.
  4. . Cull lorry, small local village, emptying all sorts of "gunge" from his tilted unit. We took pictures. He became very worried and lowered the unit immediately. In this particular area there were 26 farms in the Parish. By the time MAFF had finished, not one stood.
  5. MAFF Field Officer, left a field containing recently culled sheep, that were being sprayed with disinfectant as I arrived. He walked to his car in jeans and a fleece, played around the back of his Ford Focus hire vehicle and walked back into the field amongst the sheep. He then left again. As I photographed him, he threatened me, tried to grab my camera and then phoned the police. Not once did he have any protective clothing on. Police involved.
  6. Many, many cases of bio-security suits left in bags, left by the side of roads, often covered in blood and very often seen lying around lanes and on fence posts.
  7. . Great piles of culled sheep, pathetically and ineffectively covered with tarpaulins, gates left open with no yellow tape and legions of bio-suits left all over the place, including a public road.
  8. MAFF cull lorries, containing "infected animals", cattle in this case, leaving the dirty farm and enjoying a well-earned tea break in a lay-by near the M6. Oh, and worthy of note, the lay-by in question was right next to a field of healthy Swaledale ewes that were culled a few weeks later.
  9. TVI`s, we presume, seen taking blood from some culled sheep. No gloves or face masks but were wearing bio-suits with waterproofs over the top. Left the area fully dressed in their hire cars.
  10. Many, many, slaughter teams incorrectly dressed during culling.
  11. During sero-surveillance, teams moving from pen to pen, no gloves or face masks, cars & 4x4`s driven off farms with no de-tox of vehicles seen.
  12. More MAFF cull lorries disobeying rules. One I followed, left the M6 going North to Carlisle, left the motorway and pulled into Southwaite services. The driver drove to the ESSO garage, exited the cab, bought some cigarettes in the shop, came back & continued North to Hespin Wood. When questioned, MAFF said, "The driver heard a noise coming from a wheel and decided to pull off the motorway." Oh yeah, just happening to buy some cigarettes in a public service area and not once looking at ANY of his wheels.
  13. MAFF Field Officer seen wandering around local Petrol Station., wearing a very dirty white bio suit. Filled a water container from a stand pipe after buying some chocolate.
  14. Piles of dirty bio suits and some wellington boots seen in the back of a Field Officer's car. "What the f**k has it to do with you?" was the reply when I asked him for comment. "Put that camera away or I will smash it." he said.

These are just a handful of examples of MAFF violating bio-security rules here in Cumbria. There were dozens & dozens of others.