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Dear Sir,
I can't even begin this letter 'with all due respect' because I have none for the likes of Jim Walker and Fordyce Maxwell who belittle those they consider not to be 'ordinary, average, working farmers', but who choose to keep and use livestock.
Could there be a hint of guilt here, from those that bullied and were bullied into handing over their animals for a few pieces of silver, into an illegal killing policy, while those like Juanita fought and kept theirs?
As for looking forward rather than back, how can that occur when nothing has changed regarding policy? There is absolutely NOTHING to prevent a recurrence of last year's fiasco. Governnment still puts killing before vaccination despite the opinions of world wide experts, ignored in favour of advice from both self-seeking and grant-seeking chemists and mathematicians.
Even worse, too many vets and so-called officials supposedly working for the 'ordinary, average, working farmers' are way behind the latest methods of disease/epidemic control.
There is NO excuse for this ignorance when the information is literally at anyone's fingertips, on and its links.
Perhaps Jim Walker and Fordyce Maxwell could use their eloquence more effectively if they took the trouble to educate themselves, broadcast the most up to date facts, and ditch the government propaganda, before we all become propa geese!
Yours faithfully,
Joyce Ross, 27, Locheport, Isle of North Uist, HS6 5EU