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The following will probably both amuse and annoy most of you!

A farmer in North Yorkshire, served an 'A' form last April, whose livestock were culled as contiguous, blood tested with negative result has not yet restocked.

His 'A' form was lifted on December 18th and he was left on a 'modified form 'D' with restrictions. This farmer has always carefully abided by all MAFF/DEFRA's advice, rules and regulations.

Therefore, as he wanted to spread fertilizer on his fields he realised that according to the restrictions he was still under, the contractor's vehicle would have to be disinfected under supervision when it left the field. DEFRA was of course informed of his intention and so sent a supervisor from Newcastle to oversee the disinfecting proceedure.

A round trip for the DEFRA official of in excess of 100 miles to oversee the dinsinfecting of a vehicle leaving a farm that was culled out nearly 12 months ago but was never infected with FMD in the first place!

Such a pity DEFRA still owes this farmer some compensation. While they try to make savings by not paying farmers, they waste the taxpayer's money in such frivolous and completely unnecessary operations.

Jane (