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All this is typical grandstanding, otherwise known as bull***t!!

The EPP is the biggest group and, in the conduct of the inquiry, has the support of ELDR (liberals), the UEN, the Greens/ALE, EDD and the NIs. Collectively, they far outnumber the socialists and the issue could have been forced. However, at the coordination meeting - the Chairperson (Mme Redondo) chaired the main meeting so badly, letting Brown and Scudamore rabbit on, that there were only minutes left for the planning session. Redondo therefore rushed the programme - prepared by the secretariat, who have only a very slender grasp of the issues - past the committee in seconds, not even asking for a vote. She then closed the meeting before anyone knew what she was even talking about, with no chance to object. There was no prior consultation and no opportunity for discussion.

As for any public hearing, most of the MEPs in the inquiry have very little idea of the issues but, such is the structure, all will demand their "buggins" turn at asking questions. As a result, much time will be wasted and very little will be achieved. And, in any case, the rapporteur has effectively decided what line he wants to take, so the evidence-taking process is largely a meaningless formality. ......