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Tim Harrison Sheep Farmer

I have just found your site thanks to " Grass Roots", a very informative one too. I have spoken to the charming lady at the BEEB, telling her a white lie, "that my cousin had seen the programme last Thursday and told me how good it was".

Thank you and people like you who are trying to get the truth across to the general public, and what's more important looking to the future, if God forbid we should be plagued with a future outbreak.

I was fresh out of college in 1967, and as our adjoining farm was infected with F & M, (Luckily we avoided it) I was particularly interested in the 1968 reports, and the main findings of how to deal with a future outbreak, unfortunately in these times of Political Correctness very few of the points were adhered too. Don't have pyres, bury on site quickly, don't put too many carcasses into the same pit (find another site on the same holding and dig another pit, about 500 sheep, or their equivalent I believe was the advice) disinfect the equipment and move on to the next outbreak. There were no problems then with rotting carcasses, leaking lorries,or contaminated water courses. This course of action I believe would have prevented thousands of heartbreaks, tens of millions of pounds being wasted, and cleared up the outbreak more quickly Thank you again for all your work.
Kind regards
Tim Harrison