This is just one page from the photocopied evidence of the farmer, Mr Graham, dated 12 June 2001: It begins "I am the tenant farmer. I have been involved with livestock and farming all my life. My livelihood is sheep farming.

The writing on this extract:"..said "These lambs are taking a bit of killing" There were 2 piles of bodies. In the second pile there were some sheep and lambs still alive. Most had had their throats cut. There was blood everywhere. They seemed to be drowning in their own blood. Others were shot but clearly not dead. I saaw sheep that had been shot twenty minutes earlier still alive and thrashing about before their throats were cut. These were mostly lambs.

At this point I couldn't watch any more and I left. I tried to stop the killing of my rams but they were done by lethal injection later.

I have complained to MAFF and received a letter which I have made available to the RSPCA.

The whole episode has left me ill and unable to sleep properly..I believe that my animals suffered terribly by this cull which was inhumane and cruel. The whole episode still gives me nightmares. There was no vet present. I found out later he was on his way as he didn't realise that my sheep were being done that day until later....."