Import of vaccinated meat figures:


Analysis of Meat import trade to the Uk


The following is a list of all countries that exported to the Uk in the Fiscal year April 2000 through to April 2001. Beside each country is given the weight in Kilos traded, the type of meat, and the current status of Foot and Mouth in the country. A brief history is given for each country describing each outbreak.

Country Fresh Beef Frozen Beef Pork Lamb


Namibia 5254347 472702

18th July 2000 first diagnosed infection, 21st August 2000 began primary vaccination using Sat1,2 and 3 vaccine

25th October 2000 138,542 animals vaccinated 19th April 2001 no new reports of FMD for a period of 6 months ending 31st March 2001 so then a return to FMD free status.

- vaccinating since 21 August 2000 , now FMD free

- Virus type A24


South Africa 118348 14700


11th Sept 2000 virus escaped from a FMD test facility (Grietjie 6) attempting to breed FMD disease free animals.Virus defined as Serotype SAT 1, 3rd October stamping out policy started, 1st December 2000 zone vaccination began (48,720 pigs 14,308 cows vaccinated) , 3rd January 2001 cattle adjoining Kruger Park are normally FMD vaccinated twice a year,

6th Feb 2001 zone vaccinating near Kruger Park, 7th March 2001 48735 cattle vaccinated in Middelburg, no more reports available currently

- ring vaccinating since 1st December 2000

- Virus types 0 and Sat 1 found


Zimbabwe 5138322 297995


Outbreaks originally on the 16th July 1999 and 23rd July 1999 involved cattle areas which are at high risk and are all vaccinated against FMD, and both Mapanza Estate and Mkwasine Ranch fall within the FMD vaccination control zone, but the disease occurred in spite of vaccination. A total of 124,506 booster vaccinations were done from the 2nd February 2000 to control the outbreaks in Chiredzi district.

- blanket vaccinating historically

- virus type Sat 1 and 3


Swaziland 581671


23rd Nov 2000 import of 110 animals from a neighbouring country found animals with FMD, zone vaccinated 8386 cattle and 6857 small livestock 20th January ring vaccination 20th February branding performed of 4570 vaccinated catlle

- 23rd November 2000 ring vaccination

- virus type Sat 1


Uruguay 3104652 1486103 1010215


25th January 2001 recognised FMD disease free status without vaccination, 25th April 2001 new outbreak of FMD, 28th April 2001 stategic vaccination of 842,000 cattle in districts, 8th May 2001 mass primary vaccination bordering Brazil began, 24th May 2001 Primary vaccination coverage over the whole country reached 100% for dairy cattle and reached 100% for general bovine population on the 7th June 2001

- vaccinating since 28th Apr 2001

- close similarity to FMD virus subtype A24


Argentina 1710799 348339 258096


10th August 2000 outbreak found most animals testing negative as were vaccinated before 30th April 1999, movements resumed 7th September 2000, 21st February 2001 epedemiological situation points to the need to consider a new approach zone vaccination begun, 7th May 566 outbreaks reported since 21st February, 20th June Primary mass vaccination programme began.

- vaccinating historically

- Virus type A24


Paraguay 11434

- zone vaccinating


Eritrea 1465

- Outbreaks of Bovine FMD vaccinated







Canada 3615 3962 FMD free

Switzerland 33583 222504 FMD free

Chile 61842 FMD free

Dominica 45875 FMD free

Hungary 16982 FMD free

Iceland 165963 FMD free

Japan 711324 FMD free

Mozambique 10490 FMD free

New Zealand 239704 186876 85384022 FMD free

USA 18588 3371441 FMD free

Australia 5757069 46868 12066835 FMD free


Finally, here is a list of all of the countries with FMD declared in the last 18 months, some of them dont trade with the Uk and others who do might have FMD free status now (eg Japan)


Argentina, Bhutan Brazil Colombia Egypt Eritrea France Georgia Greece Ireland Israel Japan Kazakhstan Korea (Rep. of ~) Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Malawi Malaysia Mali Mauritania Mongolia Namibia Netherlands Peru Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa Swaziland Taipei China Tajikistan Turkey

United Kingdom Northern Ireland

Uruguay Zambia Zimbabwe




Disease information was gathered from:

Office International des Epizooties
12 rue de Prony 75017 Paris (France)
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 15 18 88 - Fax: +33 (0)1 42 67 09 87



Trade import figures were gathered from:

HM Customs and Excise Information Management Division
Alexander House 21 Victoria Avenue Southend on Sea
Tel: +44 (0) 1702 366 288 Fax: +44 (0) 1702 366 596