Quote from Warmwell

April 7 ~ We note (sourly) in the Veterinary Record that the BVA in their submission re AHB say that they supported the bit of the Animal Health Bill wanting stronger powers of entry and slaughter because individual farmers held up the control of the spread of the disease by legal action.

Do they indeed?

Well, I've just created another BVA.

The Bent Vets Association, which is dedicated to putting some of the strutting criminals that infest government veterinary practice in the UK behind bars - where they belong.

I'm just writing the rules and will be inviting nominations shortly.

It is about time the British Veterinary Association got their finger and did something about the low ethical standards within the profession.

Instead of them taking the lead, the victims of their appalling negligence are left to insist on improvements.

Still it is their profession that they are allowing the State Veterinary Service to drag into disrepute.

Regards Pat Gardiner