An urgent appeal on Heart of Devon for YORKSHIRE farmers

Yesterday we were appealing on behalf of the farmers in the Yorkshire Dales. On Monday alone 20,000 animals were culled by DEFRA.

As far as we can gather DEFRA is now intending to cull all dangerous contacts and contiguous farms to "catch up" with the disease.

This inevitably means thousands of healthy animals now have a death sentence on them.

The Minister, Elliot Morley, has stated in the presence of Lawrie Quinn MP and a group of farmers that foot and mouth is definitely not spread by airborne means.

This has vast implications for contiguous culling - yet it still continues relentlessly in Yorkshire.

The farmers will stand firm, but they are terrified by DEFRA's threat of court action and the legal costs that go with it. It is for this reason alone that farmers are being forced to capitulate to DEFRA.

If they had the £30,000 necessary farmers would stand firm and court cases could be won and the situation changed. A fund has been set up to urgently raise the money for these farmers and we are asking people to help. Any donations would be very gratefully received. The fund will be available for the clients of any solicitors who have cases of farmers resisting the cull.

We need the money raised within the next few days, as killing is progressing as we speak.

Cheques should be made payable to: Ian Smith & Partners, (Farm talking  Legal Fund), 11-13 Murray Street, Duns, Berwickshire TD11 3DF.

When the crisis is over remaining funds raised through this appeal will be fairly distributed to benefit families in the farming community throughout the rest of Britain.

The Heart of Devon campaign was formed to unite those caught in the foot and mouth crisis and form a bank of information and advice. Call the Heart of Devon line on 01837 851571 or fax on 01837 851463.

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We fully support this appeal by and Heart of Devon. A cheque has been sent from this site already - but we desperately need more and for kind visitors to this site to dig into their pockets if they possibly can.