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Dear All:

At last - I have the details for the presentation of the 250,000 signatures we collected towards the Parliamentary Petition for a Public Inquiry into the FMD disaster.

The petition will be delivered to the steps of St. Stephens Gate - (this is important as apparently there are several entrances) - Houses of Parliament, Westminster, on Thursday 28th February 2002, between 2pm and 2.40pm.

The plan is to arrive in a suitably theatrical manner, unload the petitions and carry them slowly to the steps of St Stephens Gate where they will be received by William Cash MP, as well as the Shadow Agricultural Secretary, and other Members of Parliament.

The national press have already been primed and the BBC, ITV and Sky news cameras will be present, along with other media, national and local press. (For those of you who are with the Press - a release and statement will be sent to you at the beginning of next week).

We would be very grateful if everyone could bear to come to London for the day, or if you are already in London, give up a couple of hours and lend support to the Petition by gathering at the entrance to St Stephens Gate by NO LATER than 2pm.

The plan is to arrive in the vehicle at just after 2pm, when the ceremony will commence. Once the Petition has been unloaded, the vehicle will leave and we will carry in the Petition towards the steps, followed by as many people as possible.

It would be wonderful if you could bring banners demanding a Public Inquiry - as colourful or poignant as you like - dress - if possible (this is not vital - we just need you there!) in countryside kit and when the petitions are unloaded, fall in behind the leading party and slowly handclap the Petition all the way to the steps.

I promise you that you will see the point of my idea on the day - but to give you a clue, it will be a very slow and sombre procession leading it's way to the gathered and waiting MP's. Instead of yelling slogans - a slow, loud and steady hand-clap will be much more effective - and hopefully put the wind up 'President' Blair !!

Please come and support if you can - it will all be over by 3pm, when we shall probably pile into the nearest pub for well earned refreshment!

I'd be very grateful if you would like to come - please reply to this email - and bring along some friends - and colleagues - in fact anyone who supports a Public Inquiry into the FMD disaster is very, very welcome - we need a really good show!!

Please forward this on to all your friends - Allen and I need as many of you there as possible.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Sara Apsley

Lady Apsley Cirencester Park Glos GL7 2BT