To The House of Commons:


The Petition of citizens of the United Kingdom


Declares that the outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease has caused extensive damage, hardship and disruption to the farming and rural community, to the tourist industry and other businesses throughout the United Kingdom with consequent economic loss to those directly and indirectly affected and the economy of the United Kingdom.


The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons resolves that Her Majesty's Government, as a matter of urgent public importance, hold a fully independent public inquiry under the Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act 1921 into the causes, progress and administration of the Foot & Mouth outbreak of 2000/2001, the adequacy of measures taken to investigate and to remedy the outbreak, with terms of reference no less than those provided by the three inquiries into The Foot & Mouth Disease outbreak and the future of farming set up by the government, and to make recommendations (a) for the prevention of any recurrence (b) with respect to financial compensation and relief and the application of European Union rules relating thereto and (c) for the future of agricultural and related interests and those of the rural, tourist, business community and the environment.


And the Petitioners remain, etc.,


















































































Please return this completed Petition, NO LATER THAN 15th NOVEMBER 2001, to:

The Foot & Mouth Truth Campaign, PO Box 30, Cirencester, Glos GL7 2YZ

For more copies of this Petition, please apply to the above address, or visit the BASC website at and The Countryside Alliance website at











The attached Petition is a National Initiative that has been set up with the support of The Countryside Alliance, The BASC, The National Farmers Union and many other organisations and individuals. It is to be formally presented, as a Parliamentary Petition, to The House of Commons, with a parallel Petition to The House of Lords to place maximum pressure on the government to set up a fully independent public inquiry into the Foot and Mouth Disease that has crippled our country, with the power to require witnesses to give evidence on oath in public, and to produce documents and papers - a Public Inquiry which the government has refused to do.

It will enable the public to gain the answers to all the questions that have, so far, been avoided and it will also help prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Our objective is to collect a multi-million signature Petition, but we need your help to achieve this aim.

The country has been crying out for a full public inquiry and this is your chance to make your voice heard - please read the following simple steps to help us obtain the support from those who truly care about what has happened, as well as the future of our countryside and all that that entails - farming, the tourist industry, our rural economy and traditions.


1.      Ask your neighbours, friends, families, (even complete strangers!), to sign this Petition. There are many ways you could collect signatures, at the local pub, at any social gathering, at your local church, or even standing outside the supermarket. Two hundred signatures were collected in 90 minutes at a local Farmers Market, so just think what you could do over the space of a couple of hours! Perhaps you could organise a team of Petition Signature Collectors in your area - but please remember, each person must sign individually - 'Mr & Mrs' does not count. It is equally important to use only this Petition Form  the rules of Public Petitions state that additional Petition Sheets must be uniform  and please avoid making errors, as alterations and erasures are not permitted!

2.      As soon as a sheet is full, please return it immediately, (but no later than 15th November 2001), to the address shown at the bottom of the Petition, so that they may be accurately counted and presented to The House of Commons. (We would be grateful if you could include your details on a separate sheet of paper, and tell us where you heard about our Campaign with each delivery of completed Petitions, so that we know from where the support has been generated.)

3.      Feel free to photocopy the original form and send it to as many individuals and companies as you can. The wider we throw the net, the more support we can gain for our Petition and don't forget to send them a copy of this Information Sheet as well.



Thank you so much for your support  we hope that the campaign will succeed in its objective of getting the answers the public want and need, as well as helping our country and countryside recover from this terrible tragedy.