A note of congratulations to all at Warmwell who are continuing to inform us with clear and concise information - what breaks my heart is that most of it is so thoroughly alarming.

I cannot begin to imagine how much hard work and research goes into publishing this site, but it is appreciated and examined each day by so many who, I fancy, would never have known the full horrors that the rural community are facing, if it had not been for the information available at warmwell.

It also gives those who are experiencing the nightmare a chance to make their views known and, goodness knows, there are few people who care enough to listen - thank God for warmwell.

What you are achieving is amazing - especially the continued promotion for the Foot & Mouth Truth Campaign details, along with the Petition and Information Sheet. Please everyone, keep them flowing around the country, we are in five figures already and the response has been incredible. I am hopeful we will reach our goal - HOWEVER - I only have two months in which to do it - so please, I need your collective help - NOW!

Lastly, I know that I speak for so many people who benefit from warmwell, when I say, please keep up the great work - it is deeply valued.

Lady Apsley