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Archive April 2006

April 30 2006 ~ The hens are killed in gas chambers of argon gas or else shot with a stun gun.

April 30 2006 ~ "The situation would be laughable if it were not so serious for so many hard-working farmers..."

April 30 2006 ~ Two more farms infected with H7. Japan has banned poultry imports from Britain and no one knows which the index case is..

April 29 2006 ~ " a risk to animal and human health - or a healthy pragmatism which we would do well to imitate?"

April 29 2006 ~ Vets continued to slaughter 35,000 chickens

April 28 2006 ~ One of the Whitford Lodge workers has "Bird Flu" conjunctivitis, associated with H7

April 28 2006 ~ " one of the few success stories in agriculture, with 37% of UK laying birds being free-range or organic and generating burgeoning consumer support for their higher welfare standards..."

April 28 2006 ~ Agriculture Commissioner Fischer Boel was asked on 12 April for an SFP extension until mid-October

April 28 2006 ~ "up to 20% of farmers' payments are to be diverted into Rural Development Schemes."

April 28 2006 ~ "600,000 birds every week"

April 28 2006 ~ Bird Flu and Factory farming ".... infection is aerosolised and effectively spread to all or at least many others."

April 28 2006 ~ CVO assures us that mass killing is legal

April 27 2006 ~ "Desperate Westcountry farmers

April 27 2006 ~ The 1st suspected case of avian influenza in a wild bird has been detected in the Free State of Saxony. Data should be being compiled, compared, and published by a central EU scientific authority says ProMed.

April 27 2006 ~ "What sort of conditions are they being raised in? Have these poor things ever seen the light of day? Have they ever enjoyed a scratch around or a dust bath?"

April 27 2006 ~ 35,000 hens in Norfolk to be "slaughtered on suspicion"

April 27 2006 ~ Freedom of Information query produces very little to support Mr Bradshaw's assertion about vaccination

April 24/25 2006 ~ "The cost of sacking the wildlife officers, some of whom have been with the department for more than 20 years, has been put at between £2 million and £3 million"

April 24 2006 ~ Anthrax in Wales ".... I do hope that they vaccinated those cows."

April 24 2006 ~ Anthrax survey "... the regional Defra chiefs refused to recall the files from their archives."

April 23/24 2006 ~ Pedigree calf, Fern, did NOT "show typical signs of bovine TB at the post mortem" There were no open lesions at all - but the press were told there were.

April 23/24 2006 ~ "It is clear that the H5N1 problem originated from outbreaks in poultry...Poultry trade and mechanical movement of infected materials are likely modes for spreading HPAI in general..."

April 22 2006 ~ "they'll be killed immediately even before more detailed testing is finished....confined and killed with carbon dioxide gas"

April 22 2006 ~ US " The government has vaccines to protect poultry from the virus but is reluctant to use them

April 22 2006 ~ When Exotic Newcastle disease (END) hit California rapid real-time PCR was used "eliminating individual bird handling, and providing a time- and cost-efficient sampling technique".

April 22 2006 ~ "Pingrid Alexandra promptly threw up, while the other birds did not appear to have an adverse reaction...."

April 20/21 2006 ~ US government will " kill off any flocks suspected of having the virus even before tests are completed"

April 20/21 2006 ~ Quarantined free range birds can move on May 1

April 19 2006 ~ " it's convenient to blame wild birds, since then no one has to admit that their borders are out of control."

April 19 2006 ~ Interim SFPs will be paid as soon as is 'operationally possible'

April 19 2006 ~"Testing is controlled by the government and only occurs then if the government allows.." The MacDonalds move raises fresh questions about on-farm testing

April 19 2006 ~ MacDonalds calls for Europe's hens to be kept indoors. This is no solution to the threat from H5N1 - quite the opposite.

April 18 2006 ~ Did Dr Reynolds mean "reverse transcriptase" PCR when she wrote "Real Time PCR"?

April 18 2006 ~ The EU has been secretly warning about uncertainties over GM - while approving their use for human consumption

April 18 2006 ~ CVO Debby Reynolds reported to the OIE that vaccination is "routinely used" and that RT-PCR is being used at Weybridge

April 16/18 2006 ~ The Forest of Dean Community Radio is running a 2-part memorial program 'Foot and Mouth 5 years on'

April 16/18 2006 ~ Help save Fordhall Farm: "a community driven venture which is helping to reconnect people with the land and food, whilst promoting the full 'pasture to plate' cycle."

April 14/16 2006 ~" the foot-and-mouth fiasco should have taught us that action for action's sake is not only pointless, but potentially destructive."

April 14/16 2006 ~"Many experts, the Tribune said, are convinced that the illegal import of infected chicks introduced the virus into Nigeria"

April 14/16 2006 ~ RPA " I have just received the tenth version of maps for my farm, which were wrong again. It is hopeless."

April 13- 16th 2006 ~ UK's food self-sufficiency has been falling steadily for more than a decade

April 14/16 2006 ~ Avian Flu "The timing and location of these outbreaks do not match the movements of migratory birds."

April 14/16 2006 ~ An unhyped - but real and present danger to public health. This Easter Weekend, dirty, illegally slaughtered and diseased meat is arriving in all big cities of the UK

April 13 2006 ~ Elm Farm Research Centre joins in call for Avian Influenza vaccination for poultry

April 12 2006 ~ "What's alarming about failure to deploy rapid PCR tests even to regional diagnostic labs since 2001 is that technology has moved on significantly while nothing was being done."

April 12 2006 ~ National Scrapie Plan " the VRQ allele, currently being eliminated under the NSP, appears to confer resistance to this strain of the disease."

April 12 2006 ~ "DEFRA is like a dead swan - Discuss"

April 12 2006 ~ "people with little first-hand knowledge of the one science they should be on top of: virology."

April 12 2006 ~ "Every minister and every official, taking their cue from government scientists, dutifully repeats......"

April 12 2006 ~ "Officials have since attempted to explain the mistake by pointing out that the bird's head was missing.."

April 12 2006 ~ The New Scientist suggests UK bird tests were flawed - but DEFRA says the most up-to-date testing technologies for avian flu viruses are being used.

April 12 2006 ~ "One of Rockeby's ten-minute tests can be used on bird faeces and blood to detect the H5N1 strain of bird flu

April 11 2006 ~"farmers and growers are in contracts which supermarkets never put in writing and the terms of which can change overnight. They are often asked to pay supermarkets for the privilege of trading. We are asking the question - how can you run a business in such a climate of fear?"

April 11 2006 ~ Mutated Streptococcus suis could cause a pandemic

April 11 2006 ~ Bird Flu Scotland "If this individual bird washed up from outside the UK... that does favour the theory that this is a one-off.

April 11 2006 ~ Where are the 10m doses of vaccine on order for " some poultry" to protect our free range birds?

April 10 2006 ~"Why can't DEFRA act now, to have a policy and inform us, before it is too late for people with vulnerable outdoor birds?"

April 10 2006 ~ Dutch Agriculture Ministry will allow poultry outside from May 1

April 8 - 10 2006 ~ "astonishing complacency" for ignoring calls to vaccinate poultry and farm workers

April 8 - 10 2006 ~ "this failure to prepare reflects a lack of understanding of viral disease in DEFRA and government and has implications for human disease risk..."

April 8 - 10 2006 ~ Vaccination: "with the benefit of hindsight I think, almost certainly, we were wrong."

April 8 - 10 2006 ~ " Clearly in retrospect it needed more independent expertise on diagnostics, practical expertise on the use of vaccines, expertise on serology...."

April 8 - 10 2006 ~ Dr Shannon: " experts must listen to the public"

April 8 - 10 2006 ~ "efforts to stamp out bird flu should focus on intensive rearing units "

April 8 -10 2006 ~ 10m doses of vaccine on order for " some poultry" (in addition to zoo birds)

April 8 2006 ~ Swan may have caught the virus a month ago...

April 8 2006 ~ the need to protect those who handle birds

April 7 2006 ~ Defra has vetoed mass vaccination of the poultry flock on cost-benefit grounds.

April 7 2006 ~ Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir David King, tells the nation that John Humphrys' pertinent questions mean he is "in cloud cuckoo land"

7 April 2006 ~ Professor King talks about the end of free range farming practices

April 7 2006 ~ "I expect you are astounded that we are actually talking about moving Scotland to the head of Europe for about #350,000 ....

April 7 2006 ~ " As I was writing this, news came of the positive diagnosis in another bird and your report of the sequence of events in that instance only reinforced what I wanted to say."

April 7 2006 ~ As Dr Breeze says, "If not us, who? If not now, when? "

April 7 2006 ~ Guardian "Although Mrs Beckett's department is not fond of vaccinating livestock, it is now a question that has to be addressed."

(The paper from Hong Kong by Ellis et al (Avian Pathology (August 2004) 33(4), 405 /412) tells us that

April 7 2006 ~ "Was this swan a 'truly wild' migrant that prefers fresh water, or a resident partially domesticated bird that died elsewhere and was dumped in the harbour?

April 6 2006 ~ "The positive finding of an H5 strain of Avian Influenza virus from samples taken from the swan was established in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th April: that is, a week after the dead bird was reported to DEFRA.

April 6 2006 ~ What has happened to the recommended rapid task force that would go to an area where disease is suspected, armed with portable RealTime-PCR equipment that could make a reliable diagnosis, including strain type, within 4 hours maximum?

April 6 2006 ~ "Poultry farmers within this area have been ordered to keep their flocks indoors. That's more than a quarter of a million birds, which in itself will pose some awkward issues of animal welfare."

April 6 2006 ~ The vet author of "Following Orders" pleads for vaccination - now that H5N1 confirmed in Scotland

April 6 2006 ~ Bird Flu latest

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ " ..a vaccination programme would be accompanied by monitoring.."

April 6 2006 ~ "Our friends in Holland are greatly relieved that they can get on with vaccinating their hobby and free range birds"....Here in the UK, "there is no policy other than cull, cull, cull."

April 6 2006 ~ Bird Flu Scotland. Exercise Hawthorn stopped

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Bird Flu In Germany

Tests have confirmed the presence of the H5N1 birdflu virus in domestic fowl today (Wednesday) It is the highly pathogenic strain. We have been sent the following:

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Bird Flu - No one remembers or challenges his ignorance so David King's "advice" scotches vaccination - again

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Mr Bradshaw's contention (via David King) that "available vaccines are too limited to provide a fully effective or efficient solution" is in direct contradiction to the OIE's view

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Royal Society tells ministers to justify plan to cull badgers

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ "Geese just stop eating and crawl into a corner to die

April 2 -9 2006 ~ "Hearing someone of that calibre talk, you quickly realise that your own government has its head firmly in the sand"

April 2 -9 2006 ~ "You have stated that if payments are completed by the end of June interest does not arise. That may be the legal situation but it is certainly not the moral one."

April 2- 9 2006 ~ Exercise Hawthorn " : Wednesday and Thursday this week

April 2- 9 2006 ~ RPA "tenant farmers have eaten deep into their savings and cannot afford to buy the usual feed and fertiliser needed at this time of year, with obvious knock on effects."

April 2- 9 2006 ~ PCR trial using portable Enigma rapid diagnosis "if the government takes the decision to continue to cull badgers, then we would prefer that culling is targeted at diseased and infectious animals"

April 2- 9 2006 ~ Children are catching TB. "....there is no information on how she can contract it, I want the truth and some honest answers"

April 2- 9 2006 ~ Bird Flu latest

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ " Margaret Beckett declared: I take full responsibility. She meant she had just sacked one of her officials..."

April 2 2006 ~ RPA " Northallerton office has had to recruit dozens of sixth-formers from the local comprehensive to come in, between six and nine each evening, to help sort out the mess.

March 31 2006 ~ the latest RPA processing error "Not for the fainthearted"


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