Morale amongst the soldiers is rock bottom; many asking desperately for transfers and being refused.
The brave regiment is being sent out again to the Beacons, for another days killing. and they can't see an end to this.

When they thought it might do some good and eradicate the disease, they didn't find it quite so demoralising, but 4 months later, they would rather go even to Northern Ireland.

They are used to orders from competent officers, not incompetent civil servants:defending the population, not murdering their livestock as the children stand by crying: fighting for the British, not against them. Trained to fight fully armed grown men, not lambs.

There is no honour, for a regiment decorated for valour down their long history, in this.

They have to go out today, to face 4000 ewes and lambs, helplessly penned up in small fields on the side of a mountain.