2.8.02 - STRIKE ACTION 23 AUGUST 2002

Flyers are now available and we should be grateful if members could distribute these. Please contact the FFA office 01291 690224 Fax 01291 690984 office mobile 07773 920306, e mail secretary@farmersforaction or your local co-ordinator, if you can help with this and they will be posted out.

Encouragingly, a poll being carried out by FWi www.fwi.co.uk showed 71% in favour of our strike on the 23 August.

CHANNEL 4 FILM  MILK WARS;A Very British Revolution

August 10 2002 - 7.35 pm Channel 4

This is the long awaited film, which charted the rise of Farmers For Action through from March 2000, filming various protests at supermarket depots, milk depots and the negotiating table.

A further film SIXTY DAYS (to be shown 17 August 2002 but no time has yet been advised) follows the 60 days after the Fuel Protest was called off, and chronicles first the governments indifference to rural issues and secondly of how 10 Downing Street deliberately planted stories smearing not only the aims of protestors but also their personal lives. The films central characters are once again mainly Farmers For Action members.

1.8.02 It has been brought to our attention that there is an intended protest on 12 August re the 20 day standstill rule for livestock. We wish it to be known that this is nothing whatsoever to do with Farmers For Action.

24 HOUR STRIKE - Following our announcement of the 24 hour national strike on the 23 August 2002, Farmers Weekly did a poll and out of 343 votes, 71% were in favour of our action but in spite of this, surprise, surprise the NFU have not come out in support. The only thing they can say is that "if a single apple or argentinain steak appears on supermarket shelves it will have done more harm than good". We respond as follows:-

If they had backed FFA's call over 12 months ago to put more pressure on imported product coming into the UK, there would not have been as much on the shelves as there is today. FFA are not prepared to see our industry die, if the NFU wishes to sit back and do this then let it be on their conscience forever. We also give this warning to the supermarkets, "on the day of the strike we will be monitoring the product on their shelves and we are sure they know what will happen to any supermarket who tries to capitalise by importing extra produce to compensate for British.