......There are so many other areas of animal welfare that need addressing.

Namely the necessary and continual drive to over intensify livestock systems on UK farms which leads to less and less individual care of our animals. We are driven to this by the Government's total disregard of Uk agriculture. Massive under funding compared to our competitors in the other EU countries.

What does one man have to do now to make a living with sheep - look after 3000 or is it now 5000 sheep? When I was a student the College shepherd looked after 160 ewes and their lambs. The same with cows - UK farmers now moving ever closer to 200 cows when his Irish, French, German counterpart makes a good living with 50 cows. Farmers are now shooting calves and sick cows because there is no time to look after them.

If the pressure groups really cared about farm animals they should pressure the Government for equal funding with our EU counterparts.

Also pressure the Government for discretionary funding to improve housing.

How about a grant for cubicle mats or mattresses to save thousands of cows being slaughtered this winter as a result of damaged legs? Also why not get some funding so that every cow could have at least one visit a year from a professional foot trimmer - it grieves me to see cows hobbling around just because the farmer does not have the time or the money to call in the foot trimmer.

Or do you prefer to see your tax pounds going to support other EU farmers while our farmers are denied the same level of funding? - And see so many UK farmers put out of business because they cannot compete in a Single Market without equal funding. At least let them sell their lambs this year to see if they can improve on last year's income of £4,500.