So, Professor Thomas, head of the Cumbrian FMD Inquiry, despite being given a very clear mandate as to the content and structure of the inquiry has "shifted the emphasis of the report to reflect the level of human suffering."

Who ordered this "shift of emphasis"? Was it Cumbria County Council, who are paying for the inquiry from Council Tax receipts? You may remember Mr Rex Toft, Cumbria County Council Chairman stating earlier in the year that Cumbrians deserve accountability. I do not believe therefore that it was the County Council.

Lastly, why a shift of emphasis? Surely the human suffering, of which was extensive, should have equal emphasis with other aspects of the disaster. For example, who ordered the 3km/ Firebreak culls? Why did the government act illegally? Why was the NFU allowed so much influence? Why were so many animals killed in very unsatisfactory circumstances? Why did Elliot Morley mislead the House and the public by stating that the cull was voluntary and that the Government had no powers to conduct whole sale slaughter of healthy animals? etc. etc

I have stated before that I smell a rat. Further, Although Prof. Thomas was in tears as evidence was given, I also remember that Dr Anderson was also in tears at the Carlisle meeting. Don`t forget what he did.

The amount of evidence produced was huge, but a shift of emphasis? Better to say "Another fudged Inquiry." The rural people of Cumbria deserve better than this. We want some straight answers now.