I told you that I was having difficulty in accessing the report of Lockerbie meeting

(only one that took place in Scotland ) from the official Lessons Learned site.

You suggested that if it did not appear in 2 weeks to contact you again. (Thanks. It can be downloaded here)

It may be of interest for readers to see what was said at that meeting and the conclusions that the report made about the Scot situation.

I was there and felt that the points were well made from members of the public.

It was clear that in this evening session Dr Anderson heard a different version from what he had heard during the day when he had been dined with the 'great and the good' (Council and local NFU ) who have since been so praised in our local papers, Lessons Learned and in the Honours List by the Queen)

Your site is wonderful and has become daily reading for me. Friends who are farmers can not believe the information that I have now as a result of this site. ... What shocks me more is that the people who are in farming are so un-informed. I do understand however that they are so involved doing the job that they do not have the time to get informed.

The great pity is that those who supposedly represent the voice of farmers( 37%?) are neither representing them or informing them of the direction of change or legal status of their operations. (The farmers I know do not know about the SI 843. "Why don't we know about this?" )

At a child's birthday party I had a conversation with a hill farmer. She was talking about how the "hardy gene" was not doing well in scrapie genotype, namely Black faces, whilst the Suffolks were. "They (Suffolks) can't even lamb themselves - what use is a flock of sheep like that!" The farmers can't see the point of this genotype based on this non-commonsense approach and yet they feel powerless to resist this. We have to have them tested or we will not be able to sell them!

Note well the Blackface champion at the Royal Highland Show Edinburgh, according to National Scrapie Pan would be killed as it is not the type of the sheep (type 5) that they want to breed from. It is merely an animal that has proven abilities to survive in its terrain.

Who would say that this was undesirable?