"Hirst's floating cow leaves bad taste for farmers recovering from

A previously unexhibited work by Damien Hirst intended to convey the
countryside's renewal after the end of the foot-and-mouth epidemic has
failed to win over the worst-hit farmers.

The Prodigal Son, a work that features a bisected calf in formaldehyde, is
part of an exhibition designed as a fillip to the rural communities in the
two counties most directly affected by the disease.

But senior figures in the National Farmers' Union (NFU) in Cumbria, where
the exhibition is showing first, said yesterday that the Hirst work was too
graphic a reminder of the slaughter during the epidemic.

More than 10 million animals were culled during last year's outbreak, with
about one third of those in Cumbria."
So, Blair's "Corporal's" (NFU CUMBRIA), during the illegal and unscientific cull last year, have no stomach for "too graphic a reminder of the slaughter during the epidemic."
Let us not forget that it was these people who agreed and encouraged this mass slaughter and were paid handsomely by MAFF for their services! Many farmers in this area earned nothing last year; not these NFU reps. though! Farmers have informed me that NFU officials were harassing them to give up stock in the cull even though they were healthy! NFU representative Les Armstrong was one of the so called MAFF helpers and although being culled out himself, Mr Armstrong admitted to me that MAFF paid him for services rendered! It is known that these NFU collaborators were in favour of the 3km and firebreak culls and indeed were in support of the mass funeral pyre ordered to burn near Longtown, Nth. Cumbria. Locals soon stopped that though. It appears that these puppets have no stomach to be reminded of the carnage they amplified so appallingly here in Cumbria! They should be ashamed of themselves! I believe it was Hitler's staff who also had no guts to look at the results of their own slaughter techniques in the concentration camps of Belsen However, these butchers were taken there and forced to see the carnage. It is a sad fact that ignorant bullies are also cowards and will not face up to the truth!
No farmer anywhere in this country should maintain membership of the NFU again!
Support David Handley and the FFA!