I commented on the make-up of the SWRDA when they were so careless in their treatment of farm businesses in their administration of the 'SW Business Recovery Fund'.  So I was not surprised to see todays headline news in the Guardian.
Firstly a recap from the website of the South West Regional Development Agency: the unelected regional body being imposed on us by central government:
  • Appointments
  • Board Minutes
  • Board Advisory Groups
  • Openness Policy
  • Board Member Interests

    A non-executive Board chaired by Sir Michael Lickiss leads the South West of England Regional Development Agency (South West RDA). The Board is supported by the Executive Team.

    Board members are appointed by the Secretary of State to the South West RDA Board for a period of three years. Current appointments have been made so that vacancies occur annually on a rotational basis.

    All Board members can be contacted by writing to:

    The South West of England Regional Development Agency
    Sterling House
    Dix’s Field
    EX1 1QA Or email: melanie.farrant@southwestrda.org.uk Sir Michael Lickiss
    Doris Ansari Doris Ansari Helen Holland Helen Holland
    Robin Nicoll Robin Nicoll
    Nick Buckland Nick Buckland Brian Kemp Brian Kemp Jeremey Pope Jeremy Pope OBE
    (Deputy Chairman)
    Peter Chalke Peter Chalke CBE Michael Leece Michael Leece Jonathon Porritt Jonathon Porritt CBE
    Nigel Costley Nigel Costley Alfred Morris Alfred Morris Colin Skellett Colin Skellett

    Updated June 2002

    £1m bribe: chairman arrested
    Colin Skellett, chairman and chief executive of utility group Wessex Water, arrested on suspicion of receiving a bribe of almost £1m.