New maps of Europe already show that England has disappeared to be replaced by nine regions, without the knowledge of, or consultation with, the people – and this is your country.  For some years a Regional Assembly, supported by a Regional Development Agency, has been quietly waiting for John Prescott’s White Paper.  Starting with the North East, England will be broken up into regions.  The Regional Assemblies will be ruled direct from Brussels not Westminster.

Investigations have proved that 3 out of 4 of your elected Councillors, both County and local, have strong misgivings regarding a regional structure.  Please give them your support by cutting off the letter below, add your signature and address and send it to the Leaders of your County Council/Local Council/Parish Council.  We are a cross-party organisation, with no backing other than our own resources, and have formed limited companies in the proposed Euro-regions to oppose the break-up of England (for info. Tel: 01628 829188 or 01494 675522)(P&P.PZ577901X).  Please copy this and pass on to as many relatives and friends as possible, or telephone for additional copies.


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For the attention of all Councillors


Dear Councillor


Behind the scenes England has been broken up into 9 regions, beginning with London, and currently John Prescott is striving to elect a Regional Assembly in the North East, following that the North West.  Each region has a Regional Assembly, a Regional Development Agency plus Government Offices, and consequently a layer of local government, probably the Counties, will be abolished.


As a resident and local taxpayer I strongly object to my local government being restructured without proper consultation.  Prior to compounding the break up of England, and the dire effect this will have on our constitution, I propose democratic public meetings, open debate by the media and an explanatory leaflet to every household.  Simply to have a referendum in each region after it has been established is most definitely not acceptable, and certainly not democratic.


Although I appreciate that you are subservient to Central Government, I hereby state that I reject the regional structure for this area, and I abhor the concept of England broken up into regions that will be ruled direct from Brussels.  Further, I object to your being put in the position where you are obliged to spend local taxes on EU projects in preference to what you know is needed in my area.


I understand that this region has an office in Brussels, paid for from local taxes, in order to apply for EU funding.  However, this structure will create division with other regions when competing for funds, and frankly I can only see folly and enormous waste in applying abroad to have part of our money returned.  Additionally, once enlargement takes place in 2006, EU funding will be reduced and the likelihood is that this region will be subscribing towards the betterment of regions in the undeveloped new entrant countries.  In this event, is there a contingency plan to prevent this region falling into sad decline or would we be rendered unable to help ourselves by EU regulations?


I recommend that the concept of regionalism is quashed; that the huge expenditure set aside for this structure is diverted to our ailing public services, and that the County, District and Borough Councils are robustly fortified to continue to serve the public’s best interests.  I would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to let me know your personal position on this issue.      


Yours truly