I read the following in my local paper,  the Bude & Stratton,  a weekly paper which covers the Holsworthy area in Devon :
    " No more Holsworthy Pyres "  undertaking given.
    An undertaking has been given by Defra that neither the South Arscott site nor Ashmoor will ever be used for pyres or burial sites in the event of a fresh outbreak of disease such as FMD................... MP Mr John Burnett added that they had been told ( by Defra ) the South Arscott site  -  where a pyre was lit during the FMD crisis last year  -  would soon be restored  " as soon as possible. "
    There would be " a slight delay " as there was a need to preserve the site in connection with possible legal proceedings.
    ( From last Thursday's paper. ) 
    There was also another article about the Ashmoor site,  saying that Defra may consider selling the site to a conservation body at some time in the future.
    The Holsworthy pyre burnt for several weeks,  less than a mile from the town of Holsworthy,  covering the town in smoke,  smell and ash.   
    The nearest buildings were an old people's home and the cottage Hospital.    A friend of mine fought tirelessly through the crisis to prevent the pyres being lit,   and was on the local TV news.  He was joined by hundreds of local people,  and the site was protected by the police and Maff / Defra officials.................... but it was lit anyway,   despite the local opposition.
    He formed an action group and they took legal advise,  only to be told that their legal aid funding had been withdrawn ! He is not an " activist "   (  he is /  was our local sheep contractor for shearing and dipping. )  and was " forced " into trying to stop the pyre as his neighbour,  whose dairy farm backed onto the site had barricaded himself into his house,  and said that he would kill himself if it was lit,  as he believed that his cattle would get FMD if the ash from the pyre went onto his buildings where his dairy cows were housed,  only 100 yards from the pyre.
    In this valley,  farmers have just received letters from Defra telling them that they are not allowed to do any muck spreading from Sept 1st to Nov 1st because of nitrates leaching into water courses.................. everyday the lives of farmers just becomes more impossible.................the local papers are full of dispersal sales and farms for sale................the whole community is imploding on itself...................well done Tony Blair !