It cannot be denied! With security and secrecy tighter than next weeks visit by Her majesty The Queen, the Blair`s arrived in Cumbria unhindered "to give support to tourism."!

Quite how Blair feels he can do that no one can yet answer. He and his family overtly state they hate the countryside! He is of course here to show the world that Cumbria is at last at peace with the UK Prime Minister!

In a brilliantly stage managed visit, Blair kept a comfortable distance from FMD & Countryside demonstrators! He visited Wigton factory UCB who, interestingly, have recently had the benefit of a huge EC grant! Blair and his cronies crept in the back door as furious demonstrators shouted "COWARD" at Blair! Indeed, Blair is a coward!

It was reported in all the press that the demonstrators were all pro-hunters. Again, a well stage managed statement! Not true! There was a mix of FMD & Countryside Alliance & Pro Hunting lobby! Can`t spoil the spin though can we? All is well after FMD! Blair is forgiven! The world and of course the EC will be delighted to hear this! Lets move on now together! Blair could not refer to FMD in a speech at the factory stating, " The area has had its problems, and the reasons are well known." Yes we know, alright!

Continuing his visit, Blair then went over to St. Bees in West Cumbria. A Labour strong hold and close to the heart of Labour MP Jack Cunningham! Safe there!

Cherry Blair did visit the Birds of Prey Centre at Lowther Estate, but again was well shielded from any protesters. The PM did not attend! You may remember that MAFF henchmen wreaked havoc on this area on the direct orders of Blair! Cattle were chased around fields being gunned down with shot guns. Viscount Lowther has a video of this event. Lambs had their throats cut and thousands of healthy sheep and cattle were butchered.

Oh sorry, Dr Anderson did say in his report that one area he could not criticise was the cull!! Really Mr Anderson! I suppose you believe Blair when he tells you this and the fact that he cannot remember who ordered the illegal 3Km/Firebreak Cull!?

So, the world thinks Cumbria has forgiven Blair!

I don`t think so somehow! I tried to get near to Blair! I only wanted to ask him a few questions:-

1. Who ordered the 3km/firebreak culls in Cumbria?
2. Would Mrs Blair be taking their children up to Gt. Orton arfield to visit the graves of the 2 million healthy sheep and lambs murdered on the direct orders of her husband?
3. When will those perpetrators of the illegal, incompetent policy be made accountable? I include the PM!
4. When will we have an open and public inquiry to learn the truth?
5. When will you resign?

Blair and his family are still lingering somewhere in West Cumbria. (£85.00 pp pn apparently!)

Blair forgiven? Not a chance! Not all of the county hate him, but a hell of a lot do! NICK GREEN CUMBRIA