11:00 - 07 January 2002

LIKE Johnny Kingdom, many country people have their favourite setts to watch badgers Fortunately my sett is not in a MAFF, now DEFRA, killing zone.

There are rumours that DEFRA will start killing yet again in May, but in unconfirmed places as yet.

This again will be an absolute waste of thousands of badgers lives, plus millions of pounds in taxpayers'money. If they start killing in May, they will destroy new cubs just venturing out of the sets for the first time.

After all the years and thousands of badgers' lives taken needlessly, the powers that be are no nearer proving badgers give cattle TB, than proving two parallel lines meet in eternity. If wildlife rescue groups are not allowed to release back into the wild until the badgers have been TB tested, why can't DEFRA just trap, test, tag and release?

So, Johnny, I am sorry to say if your sett is in a killing zone you will get no photographs this year, as DEFRA staff will be back again trying to wipe out your set, not unless you have enough country dwellers protesting against this disgraceful waste of life in your national park area.

As a last thought, although the scientific experiment is null and void, too save face they will still continue in the same areas if the cull is to carry on.

From letter in the Sentinel

Didi comments:
If anyone sees a badger in a DEFRA trap, please release it. As long as you do not damage the trap in anyway, or remove the trap, you are not breaking the law. The badger will remember the experience, and not go in any other trap again.