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Since this page was compiled, there have been many many more excellent articles by Simon Jenkins, Matthew Parris, George Monbiot, Christopher Booker, Magnus Linklater and Geoffrey Lean - and others - gratefully reproduced or linked to on warmwell. When time permits they will be indexed here. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a particular article, it is best to use the warmwell advanced search page and include both writer's name and the subject you are interested in.

June 4 ~ Simon Jenkins ~ I spy with my little eye...a new Frank inquiry The Times June 4 2003

April 12 ~ Matthew Parris ~ It's time we all signed up for the Rest of the World team The Times

Feb 26 2003~ Simon Jenkins ~ The Church may be lost but save our churches The Times

Feb 16 ~ Matthew Parris ~ Forgotten, ignored, scared. And on the march today The Times

Dec 19 2002~ Magnus Linklater ~ "A bovine attempt to vaccinate us against the truth" The Times

Oct 5 ~ Martin Jacques ~ The Age of Selfishness Guardian

Oct 5 ~ Simon Heffer ~ The Prince is right (Spectator)

Sept 25 ~ Simon Jenkins ~ This is not a dossier but an act of desperation (Essential reading on the IRAQ adventure)

Aug 18 ~ Gavin McCrone, Vice-Chairman, Royal Society of Edinburgh Inquiry into Foot and Mouth Disease~ Vaccination a tool of first resort in foot and mouth Scotland on Sunday, 18 August 2002

Aug 15 ~ Emma Tennant ~ Lessons Not Learned - The Anderson Report (Spectator)

July 12 ~ Emma Tennant ~ FIBS and Foot and Mouth (Spectator)

Aug 11 ~ Geoffrey Lean ~ A government too concerned with headlines will scupper the planet (Observer)

Aug 10 ~ Matthew Parris Another bold initiative? No change there, then (Times)

Aug 9 ~ Max Hastings ~ The hounding of country folk (Spectator)

Aug 5 ~ Jeremy Seabrook ~ Unlimited desire is bound to destroy a world of limited resources (Guardian)

Aug 4 ~ John Humphreys ~Knowledge is power: that's why we're a secret society

July 28 ~ Jonathan Dimbleby ~ Our future's more important than four little words ...

July 28 ~ Magnus Linklater - So that's it then. No one to blame for F&M disaster

July 28 ~ Geoffrey Lean ~ A foot and mouth fiasco that has taught us nothing

July 28 ~ Booker and North ~ Silence of the Damned

June 29 ~ Magnus Linklater ~Prevention was always better than slaughter

March 2 ~Prince Charming and the panto that lost the plot Matthew Parris

Feb21 ~ Magnus Linklater ~ The truth still lies buried in Britain's empty fields or on this website in full

Feb 20 ~ Times Leader

Jan 26 ~ Matthew Parris The Times ~ Another initiative? Don't make me laugh

Dec 20 2001 ~ Matthew Parris The Times a selection

Dec 15 ~ Matthew Parris The Times on the end of his Parliamentary Sketch writing It's been great, but I'm all sketched out

Dec 13 ~ Don't starve this BSE research of vital fundsThe Times MAGNUS LINKLATER Dec 13

Nov 12 ~ William Rees-Mogg on President Blair's House of Cards

Nov 11 ~ Christopher Booker on National Trust and other dirty goings on in Britain and Europe

Nov 9 ~ Simon Jenkins in The Times "A banana republic led by a set of lemons"

Nov 7 ~ Simon Jenkins We have a president, now for a Parliament

Nov 6 ~ Magnus Linklater in The Times Blinded by the funeral pyres

Nov 4 ~ After the slaughter comes the Bill to make it legal
Sunday Telegraph
Christopher Booker's Notebook

Nov 4 ~ Jonathan Miller in Sunday Times It's not just Afghanistan that needs accountable, democratic institutions to replace the corrupt horrors of a regime that seized power with the support of perhaps 25% of the people

Magnus Linklater October 29 - A germ of anxiety in the labs Oct 25 The Times

Oct 19 ~ "It is impossible to describe the mental torture caused by the threat of the plague. Each case is a bereavement, a human tragedy, and one for which the policymakers carry a responsibility. The fear of losing our life's work, the difficulty of farming under the burden of new restrictions administered by incompetent officials, and the feeling that the politicians were following the wrong advice, added up to a nightmare" Emma Tennant, writing in the Spectator

Oct 14 ~ Extracts from Robbie Robinson's article, Living under the Shadow of the Effects of Disease

October ~ These articles, mainly from British Dairying, are as relevant now as they were when they were published. They are well worth printing out and reading carefully.

September 17 ~ Muckspreader in Private Eye

September 16 ~ Christopher Booker's notebook September 2 How annoying that farm virus will not obey rules - by Christopher Booker
Sunday Telegraph

Willy Poole has his own website where his articles on FMD can be readClick here to get to his website

Dr Richard North "How Labour Killed the Countryside" Sept 1

The Sunday Times August 26 "Dead Meat" by Richard Girling - really well worth reading in its entirety

Christopher Booker and Richard North - How the foot and mouth disaster of 2001 began - Aug 12 - Sunday Telegraph

Christopher Booker's Notebook - Aug 12 Head of rural affairs gives small farmers little hope Sunday Telegraph

Christopher Booker (and Dr Richard North) articles in the Telegraph March - June 2001

George Monbiot,Rout of the small farm - Guardian Tuesday August 7, 2001. See also ...George Monbiot: How the Superstores gave us Foot and Mouth and ..Had the ministry of agriculture set out to spread foot and mouth as far and wide as possible, it could scarcely have done a better job.

Peter Oborne - Downing Street wants to exploit foot-and-mouth: to vilify farmers and "modernise" farming...(or see the full article on website's INBOX) The Spectator August 10

Christopher Booker - Daily Mail August 7 "A conspiracy to kill off the countryside"

Jonathan Miller Sunday Times Aug 5..the flock on the mountains is now immune to it, testing positive for antibodies. So now they must be killed, too

Christopher Booker Telegraph Aug 3 ...the mass-slaughter on the hills of South Wales, which is inflicting such despair on the local community, has nothing whatever to do with disease control.

Simon Jenkins Times Aug 1 ...You must vaccinate or be damned, Mr Gill

Pindar's poem - Telegraph aug 1

Christopher Booker July 29 Booker Notebook, 29 July 2001 Mr Blair may have exploded...

Magnus Linklater July 29
-Slaughter is mark of a failed policy

Dr Richard North July 24
- The farce just goes on and on Daily Mail

Christopher Booker July 22
Blair puts paid to six centuries of tradition

Willy Poole in Horse and Hound July 10th A distressing record of slaughter during the foot-and -mouth crisis also July 26th and again on August 2 "suspicion"

Magnus Linklater April 26th
From the start, the Government has consistently got foot-and-mouth wrong

David Rose Sunday April 15, 2001 The Observer
Why farming will never be the same