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February 18 2007 ~ "...Letters from MPs to the Prime Minister on difficult matters go unanswered. Cabinet Ministers find themselves having to rubber-stamp decisions taken by faceless apparatchiks behind the doors of No 10. Now, even the courts don't count, with the Prime Minister telling us only last week that the new consultation forced on him won't change one iota of his policy ..." a very angry article today in the Mail on Sunday by Norman Baker quotes the words of bertholt Brecht: "that the government, being displeased, must now dissolve the people and elect a new one.."

extract from the article

In the 1950s, after some East Germans demonstrated against the communist regime, a solemn ass in the government declared that the people had disappointed the leadership. Bertolt Brecht wrote a rueful poem suggesting that the government, being displeased, should dissolve the people and elect a new people. It was a joke, and had no effect on anyone. But curiously, that's how certain governments began thinking about what they called the masses. You citizens (they said in effect) are not up to the standard of the government. You must be improved.

This was a natural and inevitable extension of the belief that a government can transform the people, reshape them as human beings fit for the new society that the government is planning. If the masses do not agree, it's only because they don't know what's good for them. They are uninstructed. Even if they think they are happy, they are wrong, suffering from "false consciousness." That means they need re-education and forced labour. A certain number may die; things occasionally get out of hand.



































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