Enron, supposedly a big power company(but more like a hedge fund), sought to capitalize on the Green agenda like Kyoto(CO2 trading etc)..and were well thought of by some "green" organizations..

Similarly.. the AR-ECO activists via ESA and various UN treaties.. bankrupt small landowners.. and the land is scooped up by the tax exempt organisations for "preservation" or other..

One of the tenets of the "sustainability" agenda is to charge "full cost pricing for resources.. energy ,water etc in order to better ration them in future..

And I believe that the cost shared "social" programs in the developed nations will also be dismantled., again with the "desired" result of rationing these..(like health care)

But interestingly. they sure aren't applying the same principles to the taxation system.. So as you noted earlier, folks get squeezed out of prime land.. as a result of inability to afford on agricultural revenues, taxation which is based on development market value..If we straightened out the taxation system in the first place.. we could solve this issue.(i.e taxation directly related to services provided.. not market value). But it doesn't fit the political agenda to do so And conservation easements for example are just another way to squeeze the people INSTEAD of fixing the real problem which is the inequitable taxation system..

I haven't discussed much before, but I greatly enjoy the outdoors, have my own interests.. and wouldn't want everything paved over either..What I object to, however is what is effectively, IMO, extortion to achieve "desired" social goals..

I think animal owners have a good reason to be afraid of the AR and ECO radicals agendas.. That's why I keep posting the following which seem to me to be analogous to Mein Kampf's outlining the AR and Eco radical's agendas.. .

AR Mein Kampf http://www.actwin.com/fish/nanf/month.200004/msg00047.html

Ecology Mein Kampf http://www.off-road.com/green/ecoquote.html

Deep ecology http://www.deep-ecology.org/ The Platform Principles of the Deep Ecology Movement

4 The flourishing of human life and cultures is compatible with a substantial decrease of human population. The flourishing of nonhuman life requires such a decrease http://www.deep-ecology.org/drengson.html

So.. Humans and their supporting domestic animals are just a form of pollution to these "deep thinkers" (I mean the radicals here.. not the followers who don't understand what is going on) After all, the ultimate crime against the environment, that we humans could commit.. is breathing and emitting CO2...

Sounds like we may have replaced the old super and sub- humans of the Nazi era.. With wild animals(super);and humans and domestic animals(sub-human)

I always tend to wonder if history is repeating itself.. For instance it's occurred to me that one could consider that the old "Brownshirts have been reclothed in "Green".. After all.. The Nazi's were a supposedly "socialist party" and played on the historical German "socialist tendencies, which had roots back to Bismarck.. for some of it's "appeal".. But then again.. when the SA outlived its usefulness and threatened the military establishment and industry.. what happened to Ernst Roehm and the SA??? http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/timeline/roehm.htm

I was wondering if the hassle given to Nancy Odem(Sp?), who was I think a moderate pacifist green.. could be part of a such a change.. We shall see in the fullness of time I guess..