One thing I would note is that the reputation of politicians for "bungling" is a very useful excuse.

. a dissembling method to put some who may not be fully in the know, in charge of something.. This gives deniability ..At worst charges of negligence.. Plus a convenient political body to throw overboard as needed.. And any politician who aspires to rise must have some blood on their hands anyway.. sort of a rite of passage, or initiation, i think..

At the same time, politicians are very aware of who "funds" and "lobbies" them...(they know who their real employers are) I cannot for the life of me, believe that with all the strands i've seen about the long terms goals on Ag subsidies, that the current debacle is anything but a well laid plan, suitably compartmentalized in places, to give deniability perhaps.. but nevertheless a plan..

However, the politicians, senior public servants, and scientists who we have seen repeatedly tell outright lies, cannot claim ignorance IMO..

It would be nice if there were some way to impeach or recall these politicians and terminate the public servants on the basis of corruption..Just my opinion..