Beckett warns of virus jab dangers ??

Let's get rude !

What a complete ignorant, stupid, bloody moron she is !

What prat told her to say, "Preferring vaccination is not the same as being willing to buy and eat meat from animals vaccinated against foot-and-mouth".

Listen dearie.....we already buy meat that has been vaccinated against FMD - why don't you ask that other clown Morley ? Ask Customs and Excise who allow the South Americans to supply your supermarkets with about 70,000 tonnes of the stuff each year. Ask your mates in the NFU who asked the Brazilians to "lay off" going for a big advertising bash a few months ago to push VACCINATED meat in the UK.

Where did she pick this up from ? "She was concerned about the effect on tourism if vaccination was adopted as the main way of combating the disease". What a complete load of bullshit......I suppose that's the first question every visitor asks..... "is yonder cloven hoofed animal been vaccinated against FMD" ?

Europe must look out....the USA and Australia have it on tourist questionaires......I forgot about our mamouth farm animal attractions that demand the tourists closest inspections, and are so sensitive they would repel at the though of a vaccinated animal ! She waits till Brussels to spew this up for the first time as a major negative to vaccination. And there I thought her face was frightening enough to ward off the virus.

Beckett must go down in history as the most pathetic excuse for a simulated farm Minister, if that is the degree of scientific argument she call upon.

>> "There was also strong resistance to the idea of preventative >> vaccination" she said.

Flagrant bloody lies....what public debates did she attend that so concluded ?

>> The implications of losing export markets for 12 months outweighed the benefit of protecting against the disease.

Listen dear....we are down the road 12 months in case you had not noticed (and FMD was here before Feb 2001 !) and exports are not exactly at record levels are they !

>> Mrs Beckett was sceptical about the use of new marker vaccines and tests to differentiate between infected and injected animals.

The bugger probably thinks tractors have spark plugs too !

>> Even if the tests were validated, there was unlikely to be demand for meat from vaccinated animals at home or abroad.

Oh ! You have researched that have you hell you have. Utter bloody twaddle she speaks. She does not even know her market facts.....home or abroad.

Ignorance is sheer bliss for her obviously ! The face tells all.

Listen up there Maggy.....
BRAZIL (vaccinated meat remember dear !) sent us 49,060 tonnes of Bovine meat and offal preps between Sep 2000 and August 2001. The total VACCINATED meat into the UK, I repeat into the UK (not into the whole of the EU) was 65,800 tonnes in that period. (do your homework dear and we might respect one tenth of what you froth out).

>> "Preferring vaccination is not the same as being willing to buy and eat meat from animals vaccinated against foot-and- mouth," she said.

So who is buying and eating nearly 66,000 tonnes of vaccinated meat as a PREFERENCE in the UK then ?

Here's your homework

Before the EU decided to stop vaccinating animals prior to the Single Market in January 1993, FMD had all been but eliminated due to the practise of vaccination. It was so damn good a system ! So there we were, up to about 1990 still eating VACCINATED MEAT (eight EEC member countries still vaccinated against FMD) and we bought and interchanged the stuff with them. So Beckett, your argument is a bundle of lies, for it's not long since we were all eating vaccinated meat and not one murmer of discontent....not even from you. I can't remember tourist numbers 12-14 years ago suffering because we vaccinated our animals.....nobody gave a damn dear.

>> She was concerned about the effect on tourism if vaccination >> was adopted as the main way of combating the disease.

Don't be a complete bloody disgrace, please !

>> The cost of foot-and-mouth to the tourist industry was more than double the cost to farming, she indicated.

It was not the cost of FMD, it was the cost your bloody idiots inflicted on the rural infra structure that screwed the nation. Come and see millions of animals burn is NOT an attractive tourist slogan. Smell the countryside took on a new meaning.

You and your assorted ignorant fools destroyed tourism in 2001 Maggy NOT the FMD disease - the animals were hardly touched by it, yet your moronic handling spread panic amongst tourists like never before and YOU screwed up completely.

I hope the EU gets backs to VACCINATION as a control strategy and some common sense that we had before 1990-91.

Maybe we should warn tourists to the UK that about 250,000 people are killed and seriously injured every year on our non-vaccinated roads (about 3,000 are killed stone dead by non-vaccinated cars) ! are a disgrace. I would shut up and leave Brussels to those who have some idea of what the hell they are talking about.